Not sure how much of it you can see, so I'll just copy and paste it here. Sounds like James has a lot to choose from.

We’re hearing James McAvoy and Rachel McAdams are both the frontrunners for Relativity Media and Wayne Kramer’s upcoming sci-fi love tale ECSTASIA. The film, which is ambitious both in scope and idea, takes place in an alternate universe where love doesn’t exist, but can be artificially simulated through a very expensive procedure known as “commitment”, which implants both people with computer chips that link up. The story follows one couple as they struggle to make their monthly “commitment” payment, or forever be turned off, and lost to one another.

McAvoy, who was most recently seen in “X:Men: First Class” is currently in preproduction on “Welcome To the Punch”. McAdams, who was most recently seen in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” has four films set for release, including “The Vow” and the sequel to “Sherlock Holmes”.

Logline:The story centers on a time in the future when love only exists through artificial creation at a high price, through a procedure simply known as “commitment,” and follows a couple who goes to desperate measures to try to afford the high price of love.
Writer:Wayne Kramer
Management:Sentient Entertainment
Director:Wayne Kramer
Production Co:Virgin Produced
Studio:Relativity Media
Producer:Jason Felts
Rene Rigal
Ryan Kavanaugh
Tucker Tooley
Matt Rhodes
Renee Tab
Cast:James McAvoy | Talks
Rachel McAdams | Talks
Genre:Sci-Fi | Drama